HK-93 M is a semi-automatic stationary block making machine in which moulding / demoulding process is mechanised and mould filling is manual. Due to low power consumption and simple production infrastructure requirements, this machine is ideal for small and medium size companies. Reliability, versatility and simple operation are the key factors which enable companies a dynamic start of production and further development.

The machine is specialized for production of paving stones and other concrete elements up to height 12 cm. Products are formed on wooden pallets. Fast and simple mould exchange enables production of wide range of products. Super-pressing function ensures as high product quality as achieved on full automatic block making machine.

Required personnel: 1 person
Average cycle time: 30 – 60 s
Productivity: ~ 100 m2 / 8 h
Pallet size: 780 x 560 x 20 mm
Height of elements: 40 – 120 mm
Rated power: 8 kW
Weight of machine: ~ 1400 kg
Outer dimensions: 1500 x 1200 x 2500 mm