HK-93 Z

HK-93 Z is a stationary block making machine, a specially designed for production of paving stones and other concrete products up to 12 cm of height. As an option the machine can be equipped with an automatic top – layer device, which ensures efficient production of two-layer elements. Pallet elevator increases the productivity, by pallet collection mechanisation and cycle time shortening. The machine is ideal for medium size companies with simple production infrastructure.

The block making machine is equipped with a modern PLC controller, which enables full automation, flexibility and simple control of the production process. Optional superpressing and high frequency vibration functions, ensure optimisation of raw materials consumption and increase product quality. Sample products: paving stones, slab stones, open-works, sewage channels.

Required personnel: 1 person
Average cycle time: 30 – 45 s
Productivity: ~ 250 m2 / 8 h
Pallet size: 780 x 560 x 20 mm
Height of elements: 50 – 120 mm
Rated power: ~ 15 kW
Weight of machine: ~ 3000 kg
Outer dimensions: 3600 x 2500 x 2700 mm