HK–696 HERKULES is a fully automatic mobile block making machine of very high productivity. Working together with a mobile palletizing machine, it is possible to make the process of production and packing of elements fully mechanized. Optional superpressing and high frequency vibration functions ensures optimisation of raw materials consumption and increases product quality.

This is a type of „egg-laying” machine which means that it moves on a concrete flat floor and shapes and leaves the fresh formed elements behind it.

Thanks to easy exchange of moulds it is possible to produce wide range of different elements. For example: hollow blocks, ceiling, floor blocks, solid blocks, kerb stones, lawn borders.

Required personnel: 1 person
Average cycle time: 30 – 60 s
Productivity: ~10 000 pcs / 8 h
Moulding area: 1280 x 1000 mm
Height of elements: 180 – 300 mm
Rated power: ~25 kW
Weight of machine: ~ 4500 kg
Outer dimensions: 3400 x 2300 x 2600 mm
Weight of machine: ~ 4000 kg