HK-1400 Linia produkcyjna

The HK-1400 Universal Block Maker Manufacturing line is intended for hydraulic pressing of concrete pavers, hollow blocks, curb blocks and other small pre-cast concrete products based on the HK-1400 block making press.

Key features of the HK-700 block making press:
  • Automatic production cycle of the press and its equipment
  • Universal in application: can be retooled for the production of a wide selection of pre-cast concrete units, including concrete grid slabs (with manually fed reinforcement bars)
  • The press can work with different production pallet routing systems
  • Stable, solid and durable frame, fabricated from thick-walled sections
  • Vibration pressing table with control and monitoring of vibration force and frequency based on a tested and proven control system manufactured in Germany • Female and male moulds installed with pneumatic bellows
  • Stepless mould-to-pallet pressure control
  • Male mould plate motion gear with brakes
  • Easy and quick retooling of moulds • Optional top course batching machine (Vorsatz)
  • Pre-casting on metal sheet is optionally available
  • Advanced machine control system with remote service access to the master controller

Obsługa: 1 osoba
Średni czas cyklu: 20 – 60 s
Wydajność: ~600 m2 / 8 h
Wymiary palety: 1250x850x45
Wysokość elementów: 40-350 mm
Moc zainstalowana: ok 60kW
Masa maszyny: ok. 12 000kg
Wymiary: 6420x2420x3810